The Child of the Hill House (info & tips)

You’re a hitman.
You usually don’t kill women or children but this time is different: the money is huge, and your contractor said that this is a mission is better not to refuse.
The target is a little kid – in a remote house on a hill. You don’t know if there are other people in the house with him – his parents, or his tutors – he should be alone (they said) but if there’s anyone, just kill him, they said.
They’ll pay plenty for each kill – no matter what, no matter how many.
But you should kill the kid, and do it TONIGHT

The Child of the Hill House is a small pixel-art point’n’click adventure game created in 14 days for #AdvJam2018


Story, graphics and animations by Marco Giorgini (@marcogiorgini)
Music by klankbeeld ( edited by Andrea Capitani
Sound edited by Andrea Capitani

Game built with Defold engine (


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