Kingdom Lores – alpha

Kingdom Lores: a 3D fantasy game for iPhone by Marco Giorgini – based on a new 3D engine created from scratch.
Status of the project: alpha.
Version: 0.0.62

If you’re curious about Kingdom Lores you can get the alpha version from this source:
You can also find it on Big Boss source.
Note: game still lacks of features and gfx&levels are probably temp. But it’s more or less fully playable (you can kill and die, there are bonus, hi-scores, options and so on)


Is Kingdom Lores another Yeti3D engine based app?
Nope. This time is a new engine – not a port. It’s basically a true 3D octree based engine – that uses OpenGLES. I’m writing it from zero – so things will be added one by one. And this is the reason – for instance – of its slowness (at moment) compared to Yeti3D games.

Why it’s so similar – as user interface – with Yeti3D – if it’s not Yeti3D-based?
Well, Yeti3D is a (great) 3D engine – but “Yeti3D for iphone” used Yeti3D engine *with* a user interface I created specifically for iPhone – following advices from user on forums and so on. That UI is (imho) good – and I’m going to use it in every game I’ll do – if it fits. As – I think – in this case. Here it will be enhanced with new things.

Once the game is finished, how much will it cost?
Kingdom Lores is a free game. It will be free even when it will “ready” to be called “a game”. Of course I will appreciate donation – as I’m doing for other apps I’ve developed till now. If you don’t think to have money to spare – or simply you don’t feel confortable in giving it to me – please be aware that I’d appreciate even other stuff: a postcard, for instance, or a book. A comic, a movie. A beer. If you like my game send me a gift. There’s my snail address inside the game.

How can I try lan-mode game?
You need the Win version of the game – that can be used as a server. It’s not released yet, but it will be soon.

Will it be available on Apple Store?
Who knows. I got no Mac, so far. So I can NOT use their SDK (I’m developing using Win Toolchain – thanks to great guys around who decided to share it). We’ll see. I’ll be glad if it could be there.

Cool graphics :-) Is it yours?
No, I used a lot of public domain stuff (free md2 from and other sites – the Knight is by James Green – from Textures are (at the moment) mainly from FruitBatInShades free package. I did 3D houses myself (inspired by and other sites) while in-game props (chests, flash and so on) are by Massimo Borri.

I’m the greatest graphic man around! Can I join your project?
Well, so far I got no luck with this kind of help. Surely my fault. I got few time and this kind of things (I mean contacts) require many. So don’t count too much on it. But if you want to try the same – fit yourself – and be aware that:
– I won’t give you ANY money for that – no way, don’t ask – but I’ll credit you IF I’ll use your gfx (of course)
– I need LOWPOLY elements. Spell it: L-O-W-P-O-L-Y. Think about a number. That’s too much. Think again.
– animation are frame-animation not skeleton-animation
– I don’t really think to need 2D gfx now (that doesn’t mean I don’t need it – just I don’t think I need it now :-)…)

I’m the best programmer around? Can I join your project?
No – thanks. At least not now. Working in a team is complex (for me) because I don’t have enough time to spend on iPhone projects. I work when I can (at night…). Be in sync would be difficult.

Who’s Marco Giorgini anyway?
I’m an italian 37 years old programmer – R&D chief for Expert System SpA (we work in natural language understanding field). Games and iPhone are an hobby for me.

Version History

0.0.62 – fixed issues with treasure chest – reduce package size – other stuff – first version on installer source
0.0.61 – started to create a “real” town – fixes for lan mode – other stuff
0.0.60 update – hi-scores – bonus killing enemies – fixed something on lan-mode game.
0.0.60 – lot of changes. Added two more points of view. Started lan-mode game.
0.0.58 – fixed some menu issues. Enable accelerometer. Config is save and loaded. Resource package now is under app folder (single dir). Now in game there are 3 different kind of Goblin and one ogre.
0.0.57 – first public drop



(behind low / above view)

(current main menu)

(moving around)

(hero attacked by monsters)

(in-game options)

(landscape instead of portrait and FPS instead of behind view)

(playing in FPS mode)

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